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About the practice

Frances Meadows Legal Translations is a boutique legal translation practice, founded in 2003 and based in France, with a focus on:

International arbitration, litigation, business law, public international law, shipping, employment, insurance, corporate, anti-corruption and technology.

Frances Meadows draws on a wealth of experience as a lawyer in major law firms, industry and international organisations combined with acknowledged writing ability in her mother tongue (see major published translations).


You the lawyer

Your pleading, submission, opinion or award has been carefully crafted, revised and calibrated to bring out fine legal distinctions - it's the work product of a highly trained legal mind. It deserves to be translated by one - someone who will apply a critical faculty. Your choice of translator really matters.


Your needs

  • accurate, timely translations of pleadings, opinions or judgments for your English-speaking client and international team of counsel
  • a contract or sensitive corporate report
  • a book or article for publication in English
  • a conference speech

My aim

I aim to provide translations that satisfy your own exacting standards.

For more substantial translation projects, I work with a small number of trusted colleagues with established reputations in the field, always with my client's approval.